Face it! Prospecting for development related business in the current economy is a challenge. If you’re like many in the trade who have survived the worst downturn in decades, as revenues declined you did your best to trim expenses and now you’re holding on hoping the pendulum will swing back before you run out of resources.

While the current recession is steeper and longer than most, the fact is even during the Great Depression, some people prospered --- some even made fortunes. How? Well, they didn’t do it by hoping. They did it by going after the business that was there. They were the people and the businesses that were better at seeking out opportunities and serving the customer.

Yes, there are fewer customers today and many of them are just like you, they’re thinking about how they can adapt to the present circumstances – where they can drum up new business and even how they can create new business.

That’s where DEC International comes in. What we provide to those who are actively seeking to grow and position for leadership in the current environment is advanced market intelligence on where the market is and where it is going.

Our customized development market intelligence reports reveal activity from the earliest project planning all the way through to the final permit and every critical step in between. These reports provide the advantage that separates DEC subscribers from those who are just hoping and waiting for things to change.

If you’re ready to compete effectively in the new business environment, now is the time for you to take a look at the DEC INTERNATIONAL advantage – timely, accurate, market intelligence information that puts you into the action now!

Maxine Arena is Vice President of Sales for DEC International.   She is a Georgia Real Estate Broker with an extensive background in real estate sales and marketing and the Georgia construction industry.     Maxine can be reached by emailing maxa@bidalert.com.