DEC International is in business to find the right opportunity at the right time for its members. To meet that challenge we use the construction and development market as a precursor industry that spotlights projects that lead to opportunities for a broad range of businesses within and without the bounds of the construction industry itself. This week we are spotlighting Planning & Zoning Facts (PZ). Planning & Zoning Facts is our earliest indicator of future growth and development. PZ is a statewide service with a focus on the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our experienced researchers exclusively research economic development authorities, city and county zoning and land use authorities and various other sources from newspaper clipping services to Certificates of Need. All this information is recorded in our powerful relational databases and is researched; one opportunity at a time to ensure the highest accuracy and usability. There is no other service that provides similar intelligence in Georgia.

Planning & Zoning information is displayed on our easy to use and fast website. Each week we deliver hard to find contact and future project information that typically will eventually develop into future work. PZ is ideal for both the commercial and residential market. Normally housing will develop in an area first with light commercial following. PZ customers include homebuilders, street builders, national store chains, companies wishing to purchase land in the past of growth and development and others who directly benefit from understanding current growth vectors.

If Planning and Zoning Facts sounds interesting to you, call Maxine Arena for additional information and pricing. She may be reached at (770) 578-0025 Ext. 850.