Efficient selling meets the new world order

I grew up like most of us did. I learned that there is essentially nothing new under the sun when it comes to human relations. We relabel it; we package old ideas and sell them as new. People are people after all; right? And, so I believed for almost all of my adult life. I listened to a new book over the last few weeks that changed my perspective in a couple of important ways. The book is “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink. This is easily the most complex sales book I have ever read/listened to. Many thoughts, many examples, many conclusions, all carefully laid out for you to understand and implement. Somewhere between the old prospect, qualify, interact and close methodology and Pink’s version of a Brave New World is where I fall right now (subject to change) and I wanted to share some of his key concepts that I took away on first listen.


In a perfect world, both buyers and sellers would like to see an efficient process whereby each party serves the interest of the other in the most productive manner. Naturally buyers and sellers see things a bit different! The major takeaway and the title to this blog is what I am going to adopt as my personal mantra. “Servant Sales” takes my belief that we all work for the customer, one important step further. Servant Selling and its first cousin Servant Leadership go even further. I have always believed that people buy because they believe that you the seller, have superior knowledge and are in the best position to guide them. In essence, they buy because they trust your judgement. With these two concepts added, we accept that not only is the prospect our customer, but it has become our duty to always provide him with the best knowledge we can and to always be truthful, even when it hurts. All of us have viewed umpteen thousand ads from Progressive Insurance hawking their insurance rates and those of their competitors. That is the epitome of what I am addressing. Find a way to stay meaningfully connected to your prospect. It is beyond the scope of today’s blog to tackle that major aspect of the problem. We’ll do that next time. When the timing is right and you are still in the picture, you are more likely to get your shot at the actual moment of decision. Let’s all work on providing the highest level of service to our market. Leave your prospect thinking what a great partner you are! Good Selling!